My name is Mulan and I’m a 5 year old, 38 lb. Australian Shepherd mix who was transferred to Wayside from another shelter that ran out of room. In addition to my sweet, affectionate disposition, I’ve got good looks going for me as well (or so I’m told): I have a beautiful tan and white coat that is super soft and big soulful, expressive eyes. I’m one of those dogs who will look intently at you as if I understand everything you say - even if (truth be told) that’s not always the case. But I am a pretty smart dog: Australian Shepherds are known for their intelligence and also for their intense loyalty to their owners. We’re a working breed, so we like to have plenty of physical and mental activity, so ideally my new family will make sure I get both.

While I’m very social and friendly around humans, that is not always the case when it comes to other dogs. I can be very picky about my canine friends, so the folks here at Wayside think I should live in a home where there are no other dogs. Also, I tend to take food very seriously (which might be attributed to the days I spent as a stray and not having enough food). This is called “resource guarding” and my adoptive family will need to learn more about this (the staff here at Wayside will give you some tips) and be patient with me while I settle into my new home. Because of my food issue, I shouldn’t be in a home that has children under the age of 12.

Mulan is currently in foster care. Please call Wayside Waifs Adoptions if you would like to meet her! (816)986-4426

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My name is Trudie and I am a sweet 6-year-old Pit Bull Terrier mix. I was found as a stray and not able to locate my family, so I am looking for my forever home. I am a very loving girl and am considered a favorite of the volunteers that have had the opportunity to meet me.

The staff here said they don’t know for certain if I am housebroken, but I do know what to do on my walks. That is a good indication that I am well on my way. I do ask for your patience though as I learn the ins and outs of my new surroundings when I go home with you.

I am easygoing and walk well on my leash. I am a happy-go-lucky little girl, and I am usually easy to handle. I love to be loved and give so much more in return. As I get more accustomed to my temporary home here at Wayside, the staff and volunteers have been seeing more of my personality. I was very timid and reserved when I first got here, but now I’m blossoming into a social butterfly. Since I’ve really come out of my shell, the staff has noticed that when I get overly excited, I can get a little mouthy. This just means I’ll need a family who can work with me on this. It also means that I shouldn’t go home with kids under the age of 5, just for their safety as well as mine. And Wayside always recommends that you bring any canine companions you have when picking out a new doggie family member. This is just to make sure we’ll all get along.

Although kennel life can be stressful, I love walking, and watching the birds and squirrels without trying to chase them. I have a pleasing nature and I easily follow instructions while minding my manners. I love the attention I receive when I am out of my kennel. I am friendly to everyone I see and would walk for hours if given the chance.

Best of all I am up to date on my shots, heartworm tested, and microchipped. In other words, my bags are packed and I am ready to hear you say “ARE YOU READY TO GO HOME?”

If you like what you read, please come to Wayside Waifs Adoption Desk and ask for Trudie; I will be so excited to see you. Wayside Waifs is located at: 3901 Martha Truman Road, Kansas City, MO 64137 or call 816-761-8151.

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Hi there! I’m Brownie, a 3-1/2 year old, housetrained, gorgeous Chocolate Labrador Retriever mix. I’m a big, strong, athletic boy, just waiting to be loved. I am also calm and gentle once I get comfortable with you. When I first got to Wayside, I found shelter life overwhelmingly stressful. I was restless and sort of panicked in my kennel. I think that’s when my little fan club started to form. Once out of my kennel, it was quickly apparent to everyone who knew me that I am a smart and loyal dog who looks to my people for love and direction. I’ve had the opportunity to spend time at an off-site pet resort and now I’m staying in a loving foster home. I figured out the dog door quickly, I haven’t caused a bit of trouble in my home or yard, and Foster Mom says I’ve been calm, relaxed, and completely appropriate ever since I walked through her door. I get to play in the dog park and go for walks every day with two other dogs who live here. I love to be where Foster Mom is, but I’m not needy or troublesome. One of my shelter friends is a certified dog trainer who works with me whenever she can to help me stay focused, positive, and well-behaved. She has even offered my new owners a few training sessions, and they are included with my adoption fee. The Wayside staff think I’ll be happiest in an all adult home because I need a private place where I can eat in peace. I don’t want to hurt anyone when I am scared, so I need a home without kids. I also need a home without cats or other small and furry animals, because I like to chase them.

To learn more about Brownie, please contact Wayside Waifs, 3901 Martha Truman Road, Kansas City, MO 64137. 816-761-8151,

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Dusty is a young Australian Shepherd mix that was born on 5/2/2011 and turned over to us when his owners realized that he was disabled. He was one of 11 puppies in his litter, so we believe his disability was probably from being stepped on by his mother shortly after birth. When we got him, his back legs were totally stiff and vets believed it was from a spinal cord injury. We had him x-rayed and no breaks or signs of spina bifida were detected. He is starting to regain some sensation and movement in his back legs, however, because they’ve been straight for so long, he now appears to have a condition called quadriceps tie-down. There isn’t anything that can be done with surgery to “fix” his condition. We will continue to work with Dusty doing as much as we can to help him reach his maximum mobility potential. He is a happy, healthy, playful puppy!! Dusty stands up and tromps around at his foster home, but he does still scoot sometimes when he’s in a hurry. Dusty needs a person or family that will continue working with him to be as mobile as possible. His new family will also need to be able to accept and love Dusty just as he is while helping him be as mobile as possible. Dusty’s mother is a brindle Aussie mix and his father is a long-haired blue merle Aussie mix. Dusty should weigh around 35-40 pounds as an adult. We are accepting adoption applications for Dusty. We are also gratefully accepting tax deductible donations to assist in his care. For more information on how to adopt Dusty, please contact Second Chance Pet Adoptions at 913-814-7471 or visit the website at

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Hello there! I’m Izzy, and I’m a staff and volunteer favorite. I need to be introduced to people who know how to meet a cat, so let me explain. We felines, like our canine brothers, like to sniff your hand for a few seconds, so reach in and let me do that. Speak softly and stand sideways, not looking directly into my eyes. Then you can pet me once I’ve determined you’re polite and respectful. Once you do, OH MY! I absolutely love petting more than anything in the world. I only have one request - don’t touch my paws. Many of us declawed kitties have some sensitivity there, so want you to keep your paws off ours. I jump and run and climb just fine, so the surgery didn’t keep me from living my life. I’m living in a foster family right now and they have 3 cats already. I’m not the best kitty to be in a family with other creatures, as I’m afraid of them and hiss a lot when they get close. I think I was hurt at one time by a dog or another cat, so Wayside wants me to go home with a family with no other pets, for my own peace of mind and feeling of security. When you come to visit me, don’t be surprised to see that I am a heavy kitty. I know a lot of people think ‘fat cats’ are a hoot, but the extra weight makes moving around harder and can put pressure on our joints. Luckily, I’m young still so can take the weight off before it becomes an issue. I love to play a little bit, but not with the usual toys cats like. My toy of choice is the little plastic ring around milk jugs or Q-tips I steal from the wastebasket. I like to swat them around and chase them down. Let me recap the kind of family I’m shooting for. No other pets, no young kids, a compassionate and committed owner who will keep me on the diet food I eat until I lose the extra weight. Somebody who hates a stinky litter box as much as I do and who will keep it clean, and somebody who has a big and loving heart to adopt a sweet and affectionate cat who wants to be your special girl. Call Wayside adoptions to make an appointment to meet me. I’ll be waiting. Forever yours, Sweet, Loving Izzy

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